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Auditor General's Report 2015

This Annual Report for 2015 consists of a summary of the work conducted by my Office during the course of the year. The Report does not include a special review of the procurement of the National Housing High Rise Apartment projects which will be issued as a special report. It includes audit reports of the newly created Barbados Revenue Authority, and a number of Statutory Boards which are normally audited by private sector auditors, but had requested my Office to conduct the audits of their accounts. Please click here to download the Auditor General's Report 2015 Report publication.

Financial Statements 2015

In accordance with Section 22 (5) of the Financial Management and Audit Act,
2007 - 11, I forward forlayng before the House of assembly the Financial Statements of the Government prepared by the Accountant General for the financial year ended March 31, 2015, along with my opinon on the statements. Please click here to download the Financial Statements 2015 Report publication.